What exactly is Solden Stella?

Solden Stella was founded to provide reasonably crisp, unedited photographic content relevant to travelers as far as accommodation is concerned.  This largely includes (and is not restricted to) hotel facilities such as swimming pools, spas, gyms and restaurants. Which by the way in itself is an exceptionally voluminous effort.  Note though we do not cover hotel rooms. You may wish to consult our parent site HOTELS AND PHOTOS  which specializes in that department.

Which countries are the hotels being featured located?

We adore the tiny but exceptionally vibrant Singapore tremendously, as such this country shall be the singular focus of our endeavors. How's that for dedication?

why would I even want to pay just to view your galleries when I can check out free review sites such as TripAdvisor??

Very valid question. If you bothered to notice, majority of pictures uploaded to the internet thus far are either heavily photoshopped, or typically photobombed by unsuspecting human specimens aka tourists and hotel staff. We at Solden Stella offer you raw, clean shots of things that matter to you as a prospective visitor. What you see is absolutely what you are gonna get. We are astute believers in conducting authentic, sincere research before a trip-it minimizes the heartache and disappointment experienced when getting up close and personal with the actual thing.

Are you sure there are no other hidden terms and conditions? Pay a one time fee and be able to see everything forever?

The last thing we want to do is take you (the super duper important customer) for a ride or burden you with unnecessary administrative chores/costs to view our work. So yes, cross our hearts, and hope to die.

How safe exactly is it to purchase access to all galleries?

Even safer than making love to your spouse with a rubber. ;)

For the preview sections, are those galleries complete in themselves?

Nope.  But we do showcase a significant number of shots to give you a better idea of what to expect when you subscribe.

Okay I am about to sign up. Why am I required to provide an e-mail address?

We have programmed our system to change the magic word (for accessing private galleries) on a regular basis.  Your provision of a valid  e-mail address currently in use will enable us to reach out to you with timely updates.

Have no fear, you shall always need only one password to view all content anytime, anywhere. We must have forgotten to share with you our mantra. Its K.I.S.S - Keep It Simple, Sexy.

Can I modify the password after first receiving it?

No sweetheart you may not. All passwords are generated at our end, and as mentioned earlier we will constantly refresh them.

How many galleries do you have at present? How many more do you plan to add in the coming future?

We have 120+ galleries with more than 4800 photos in total currently. Well, the sky's the limit as far as adding galleries is concerned. A stream grows into a river, a river expands into a sea, and a sea enlarges to become an ocean...........get our drift?

PS: Each photo gallery can run in slideshow mode. Individual photos are tagged with relevant descriptive captions (simply hover over each one to read), and can also be viewed in full screen.

So what's the deal with the showcase section? Are they really free? What's the catch?

Well, so the steak has arrived, how about some vegetables for company? That's our main purpose in fashioning a segment that highlights what's fun to do (or interesting to check out) when you decide to step outside the hotel for a bit. Greens can be tasty, you just need to have faith.

All attractions showcased are  completely,  totally and absolutely free. No catch whatsoever, really. Cynicism is not too healthy for one's state of mind. :P

I have a question which is not answered in this FAQ. What should I do?

As long as you are not asking why Norman Bates is so obsessed with his mommy, hit us using this contact form. :)

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